How to apply for subsidy from BTHF:


-The scientifically most outstanding student (Bachelors level) is yearly selected by ITB selection committee as follows:

  • February: Call to departments to nominate their best undergraduate students
  • April: Selection of best students of Faculties
  • May/July: Selection process of best student of ITB (Ganesha Prize winner)
  • August: ITB informs BTHFon the names of the winner and runner-up and the date of the award ceremony
  • August: Award ceremony
  • November: Ultimate date that the winner has to notify ITB and BTHF that he/she will make use of the scholarship-opportunity

-Prize is awarded to the winner during the Opening session of the Academic year in August, if possible in presence of a BTHF representative.

-The selected prize winner, assisted by ITB and/or BTHF, shall propose an additional course or fellowship, preferably in the Netherlands, for funding to BTHF

-BTHF evaluates proposed course or fellowship and budget and – if approved – provides financing for travel, lodging, visa and Insurance.

-If the winning student does not make use of the fellowship opportunity, he still gets the prize money and the runner-up may use the fellowship opportunity


-Proposals for subsidies can be made to ITB with cc to the BTHF representative in Bandung.

-ITB assigns specific formats and timing for submission of proposals at their convenience. In principle the following yearly time planning is adhered to.

  • March: Call to departments to submit proposals
  • End March/early April: Evaluation and selection of proposals and forwarding these to BTHF (5 proposals for research grants and proposals for staff exchange)
  • EndApril: Decision of BTHFon the proposals that they like to honour
  • May to February next year: Research or staff exchange period
  • 28 February: Submission final report to ITB and BTHF

-Proposals may concern education-related materials and/or instruments, research projects, exchange visits / fellowships and/or relevant incidental subsidies

-The BTHF Management will evaluate the proposals in order of arrival, informs ITB on its decision and, if approved, provides related subsidies.