Some examples of subsidies, provided in the past:

1927            Subsidy for equipment for Hydraulic Laboratory
1971/72    Grant to purchase "micro-reader printer“ and equipment for     Hydraulic Laboratory; Travel subsidy (4 persons) and contribution for a     literature fund and journal subscriptions
1973/78    Grant for audio-visual equipment, chemicals and equipment; Start     Ganesha price
1979/81    Grant for advisory services for mathematical education and library     facilities
1982/83    Grant for equipment, travel expenses, journal subscriptions and     advance ITB
1984            Grant for equipment, travel expenses, journal subscriptions and     travel of advisor for Bosscha observatory
1985            Grant to the Fac. of Fine Arts and Design for their project of raisIng     consciousness and concern about design.
1986            Grant to the Dept. of Geophysics and Meteorology for audiovisual     equipment as well as to conduct a seminar
1986            Grant to the Dept. of Informatics for the acquisition of computers     and other equipment
2004            (Part-)Subsidy for the publication of BOUWEN IN DE ARCHIPEL;     Burgerlijke openbare werken in Nederlands-Indië en Indonesië  1800-2000;     Redactie: Wim Ravensteijn en Jan Kop; Walburg Pers

2015            (Part-)Subsidy for the publication of IRRIGATION REVISITED; An Anthology of Indonesian-Dutch Cooperation 1965 – 2014;  Redactie: Jan Kop, Wim Ravensteijn en Kasper Kop; Eburon Delft / Jakarta.

Most recent GANESHA prize winners:

2017/18: Mr Nathan ; Mechanical and aerospace engineering; ITB

2018/19: Ms Lydia Husen Kartadinata: Pharmacy; ITB.

2019/20: Ms Feby Eliana Tengry: Electric engineering and informatics; ITB

All Ganesha Prize Winners till date