Contact us                                                                     

The actual contact information of BTHF: the Daily Board of Management, Secretariate and the Liaison with ITB are presented below.

You may contact any of these persons by email or phone on matters related to BTHF.

Also the composition of the full Management Board is presented here for your information.

       Daily Management Board:

        Prof. E. van Beek, Chairman


        Mr. F.J.H. Dirks, Secretary / Treasurer


        Secretariate BTHF:

        Address: Pr Beatrixlaan 6

                         3743JK Baarn

                         The Netherlands    

       Tel: +.31.6.51401448


Liaison with ITB:

Professor Joko Sarwono;

      Ibu Selvie Amriani – Kepala Bagian Administrasi Monvev;   

        Ibu Dini Sofiani Permatasari – Kepala Begian Sistem Informasie dan             Publikasi;

BTHF Management Board:

        Prof. E. van Beek, Deltares, Chairman.

        Mr. F.J.H. Dirks, Secretary / Treasurer

        Prof. M. Kok, TU Delft, Member

        Mr. P. Letitre, Deltares Jakarta, Member

        Mr. J. Luijendijk, IHE Delft, Member

        Mr S.J. Maathuis, TU Twente, Member

        Mr K.Wieriks, Gov. of the Nether;lands, Jakarta, Member